Tex Mex Time… Enchilada Meatballs. Bring out the Margheritas!!

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  The Superbowl is just around the corner, and Superbowl parties everywhere are being planned.  One of the very favorite foods to have around during these parties is anything Mexican.  Heaping bowls of guacamole, salsa, and refried bean dip served … Continue reading

Buffalo Chicken Meatballs, The Perfect Hors D’ouvres For Any Party!

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Not everyone is a fan of chicken wings.  Most of my family members are, frankly, grossed out by the bones, and having to pick around the bits that are “not quite meat”.  Boneless wings are great, but trying to find … Continue reading

Cherry Kisses (Gluten Free)… The 8th Day of Christmas Cookies!!

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The 8th Day of Christmas Cookies brings a simpler cookie for you, and one the kids will love to help with, Cherry Kisses. This pretty pink cookie with bits of cherry and a chocolate kiss on top, is definitely a … Continue reading

Oatmeal Cookies with Dried Cranberries and White Chocolate Drizzle… The 6th Day of Christmas Cookies!!

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The 6th day of Christmas Cookies brings us an old favorite updated with dried cranberries and white chocolate.  These are NOT your Granny’s Oatmeal cookies! While Granny stuck with raisins, I have given these timeless cookies a facelift with tangy, … Continue reading

Red Velvet Brownies (Gluten Free) with Cream Cheese Frosting… The 5th Day of Christmas Cookies!!

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Ok, I guess technically this recipe on the 5th day of Christmas Cookies isn’t an actual cookie, it is a brownie.  Some people consider brownies to be a bar cookie, and so I am taking that and running with it.  … Continue reading

Super Easy 4 (or 5) Ingredient Roasted Red Pepper Dip

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With the holidays in full swing, it is nice to find a quick, easy recipe that doesn’t require a lot of preparing, cooking, simmering, baking, ingredients, or dirty dishes.  All you will need for my Roasted Red Pepper Dip is … Continue reading

Coconut Macaroons… The 1st Day of Christmas Cookies!!

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Welcome to the first day of Christmas Cookies… gluten free of course!  I’m excited to present these next 12 recipes to you, because they are not only a great addition to your holiday feasting, but they won’t leave anyone with … Continue reading

Look Ma! NO FAT! Healthy Chocolate Chip Banana Bread… and it’s Gluten Free

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Healthy for the holidays?  Why not!  With all of the butter/sugar/cream packed foods that are around this time of year, having something on hand that is delicious and good for you seems like an impossible dream.  Thanks to taking out … Continue reading

BRUSSEL SPROUTS: Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Green….

Brussel Sprouts get a bad rap in the food world.  You mention the word ‘Brussel Sprouts’ and people immediately go “Ewwwwww!” and crinkle up their noses.  What a great disservice to this mighty vegetable. Each little sprout has only 8 … Continue reading


I will admit, quinoa freaked me out a little when we were first introduced.  I found it hard to pronounce and that put me off a little.  Quinoa.  Isn’t it supposed to be pronounced “kwin-oh-a” or something like that?  Keen-waah … Continue reading