Bar Snacks Blondies (Gluten Free)… The 11th Day of Christmas Cookies!!

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And now for something REALLY different… Bar Snacks Blondies*.  I’ve put your favorite bar snacks into a cookie bar!  This rich blondie is packed full of pretzels, salted peanuts, and big chunks of semi-sweet chocolate, which is sure to please … Continue reading

Curried Chicken, The South African Way

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My husband David was born in Cape Town South Africa, and spent his formative years growing up all over that beautiful country.  Although his parents were American, and he lived part of his childhood in the United States, he came … Continue reading

Cabbage The Punjabi Way

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Let’s face it, cabbage can be pretty boring.  It needs something to help it to be exciting.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore this round beautiful vegetable, but I adore almost all vegetables. I like Cabbage raw with a … Continue reading


I will admit, quinoa freaked me out a little when we were first introduced.  I found it hard to pronounce and that put me off a little.  Quinoa.  Isn’t it supposed to be pronounced “kwin-oh-a” or something like that?  Keen-waah … Continue reading

DO NOT FEAR Indian food!!

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Many people around the world fear what they consider to be “foreign” food.  Please do not be one of them! Speaking as an American, most people that I know tend to stick with the foods they grew up with, and … Continue reading